Why The Waves Connect?

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Why The Waves Connect?

Probably, if you are an entrepreneur or an outdoor business owner, you know more than me about making a business out of your passions… the thing is that more than one year ago, I had no idea how to link my profession as a Translator and Content Writer with my passion for the outdoors and action sports. 

So, here is why and how I founded The Waves Connect!

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The adventure begins.

First steps

Since I was young (I still am), I knew there was more in life to achieve than just a good position in a 9 to 5 job, a college degree and a good reputation. I wanted to do things differently and live my dreams. I was determined to fill up my life with adventure and passion. 

 The search for travel and adventure has been the starting point of most things I did and I do in my life. Let’s put it this way… After high school, I didn’t know what career path to choose from, and to find the answer I asked myself…

What is something I will be able to do while travelling?  

At that time, I was not sure about becoming a translator, but definitely, the answer was not a lawyer, not a doctor, not a scientist, not an engineer. Those lifestyles didn’t fit in with what I was looking for. Motivated by a previous trip where I had the chance to study in the United States which literally was mind-blowing, I set off to start my journey as a translator, hoping this would help me learn, understand and connect the different cultures.

Lost (or found) on the way

While I was a happy student, the rebel voice inside of me started to feel a little bored with the routine and eagerly suggested I should go out to nature more. I don’t like arguing with myself, so I conspicuously obeyed…

I started travelling more and practising action sports I had always been keen on, like rafting, snowboarding, trekking, surfing, skateboarding, scuba diving and other outdoor activities that still ignite my soul and make me feel free and connected.

As a way to support my trips, I worked in bars, restaurants, hotels, ski resorts and adventure travel agencies.  I learned a lot about the tourism industry but I was also feeling a little disappointed about some companies that didn’t seem to care about giving value to their customers and workers or generating a positive impact in people’s life or the environment. At the same time, I wanted to find a way back to my profession, but I didn’t want to change my lifestyle.

At that point, I asked myself a similar question again… Is there something I can do with my profession that could help others, give value and allow me to keep having this adventure lifestyle I had chosen? 

Moving forward with the search, I met my mentor Mati Ortiz from Letras Nómadas. With his deep patience and help, inspired by other professionals and friends, a lot of learning and training, as when you start practising a new action sport, I discovered that the answer to that question was a big YES and I founded The Waves Connect.



The Waves Connect is an online business that allows me to work from anywhere in the world, so I don’t need to stop having new adventures, and where I combine my profession as a translator and writer to help grow outdoor companies with whom I share the same values and passion.

The Waves Connect is born from the idea that through the outdoors and action sports I learned to be more conscious. Practising sports surrounded by mother nature, I found wellness and I realized the importance of living in balance with myself and the environment. 

Connecting outdoor companies or entrepreneurs with a wider audience around the world became my purpose. Why? Because I strongly believe that having unique outdoor experiences and being surrounded by nature increases consciousness and help people live fuller lives, and…

Happy people, make a happier world.

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