How to start a successful blog for your adventure travel brand

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How to start a successful blog for your adventure travel brand

In a previous article, I told you all the benefits you can get by having a blog. Now that you are aware of all a blog can do for your brand, let´s jump into these 3 super easy steps to start a successful blog for your adventure travel brand. 

Wait a minute! If you haven´t read the article yet and you are wondering WHY you should have a blog for your adventure travel business, first go to this article “Action Sports and Adventure Travel Blogging” and discover there all the benefits you can get by blogging. 

successful blog for your adventure travel brand

A great advantage about blogging is that you don’t need to be an expert with computers nor the most skilled writer… 

I would say, the required ingredient here is PASSION, and I bet, you are really passionate about what you do and you would love to let other people know about it, especially if these people are your potential clients! 

Therefore, if you are passionate you are half-way there. The rest can be learned and adjusted on the way. 

With no more thought to give, let´s take a look at the 3 steps you have to follow to start a successful blog for your adventure travel brand.

1) Have a purpose and set up your adventure travel blog

If you are the owner or manager of an adventure business, it´s key that you find a purpose for your blog before getting started. 

To find a purpose for your blog, you need to answer this question straightforward: Why does my blog exist? It’s not about the topics you´ll be covering there, this answer should be deeper…

Then, to set up your blog I recommend you to choose between WordPress, Squarespace, or Wix which are popular platforms for creating websites and blogs. I use WordPress.

Then, you need to find a domain, which is the URL of your site, like mine, 

When you think about the name, try to find a way to stand out, keep it simple and easy to remember! Also, remember to check the availability of the name on Social Media.

I don’t want to get technical because it’s not my field, so let’s focus now on what’s important, which is the actual content you´ll be posting on your blog.

adventure travel blogging
Find a purpose for your blog.

After setting up your blog, remember that what will keep your readers engaged with your blog posts is the kind of information you share with them there.

The key to having a successful blog is valuable content tailored for your targeted audience. 

2) Make an editorial calendar for your adventure travel blog

Ok, if you have already set up your blog and you already know your purpose and what topics you are going to be covering on your blog, you are ready to start planning your content writing strategy!

Please, don´t think this is something like “I will post when I feel like it”. No, no, no! Far from that. You need to determine how many times you are committed to posting. 

You want to find a balance, between keeping your readers interested and engaged, and not suffocating them with irrelevant content. 

Here is, where an editorial calendar comes in handy. 

blog editorial calendar
Planning your posts is key.

To have a successful adventure blog, you need to write regularly, express your brand’s voice, publish stories, invite other bloggers or relevant influencers in your industry to write on your blog. 

Therefore, planning in advance what topics you are going to be writing about, and when you are going to publish are other important aspects of blogging. 

In your editorial calendar, you can plan your blog posts and together organize your social media posts, this way you can generate traction from your blog to your social networks and vice versa. 

Posting once a month or every fifteen days in your blog and posting more regularly on Instagram or Facebook can be a good way to start. Remember to keep it up! 

social media and blogging

3) Start publishing

Yep, now you are ready for the exciting part! Well, it’s the fun part at least for me.

After all the time you spent writing your content, this is the moment to “show it to the world”, share it on your social media channels, and send it to your email subscribers! 

When writing your posts, remember to keep your buyer persona or ideal customer in mind, at all times!  And remember to use keywords to rank your post better on Google. I will let you know more tips about those topics in the following posts. I believe that, for now, you´ve got enough on how to start a successful blog for your adventure business. 

blog and SEO
Friendly reminder: if you are just getting started, it might happen that not many people will read your posts, but don't get disappointed. As I told you, blogging is a task that takes time and consistency, if you keep writing regularly and sharing appealing and unique content, feel certain that readers will show up! 


In the end, you know better than me, that the outdoors, action sports, and the adventure travel industries are filled with competitors. 

Thus, starting a blog with a clear purpose can be a great asset to use as a distinctive symbol of your brand and a door to connect with thousands of potential clients.

Bear in mind, that having a successful blog requires purpose, passion, dedication, planning, and a lot of time. 

Writing your posts can be the most time-consuming task in your marketing strategy. 

travel blog

So, make sure you are committed to writing regularly or that you find someone responsible and with industry-related expertise that will take care of your blog before betting all in… 

Now, let’s get to work! With the last 3 steps, you can easily start a blog for your adventure travel business. 

Then, keep an eye on upcoming posts and on my Instagram to find out more on content writing, SEO, and translation. 

If you feel at some point, you are getting lost in the crowd, don’t hesitate to drop me a line!

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  1. Illed

    Excelent post, Anto! Having a blog is super fun, and these steps will help lots of people, for sure!

    December 17, 2020 at 5:56 pm
    1. Thank you Illed!

      May 3, 2021 at 10:37 am

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