7 reasons why translation makes adventure business grow

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7 reasons why translation makes adventure business grow

Adventure business and translation have nothing to do with each other, you may think…

At first sight, you might be right, but if you look deeper, in today’s globalized world and digital era, these two, apparently, separate worlds merge and light each other up!

How to grow my adventure business?
Translate your content and expand your adventure business.

Would you like to know how to grow your adventure business?

What I am saying is simple, if you are a tourist operator, an entrepreneur, an adventure brand or company, translating your website and content is the first step to take to start growing your brand overseas!

Keep on reading to find out not 1, but 7 reasons + 1 bonus why translation makes adventure businesses grow.

#1 – Reach out to more potential clients and increase your online visibility

You know, life has changed, and people are travelling more than ever before (well, not right now, but I hope we´ll be back soon). Adventurers want to see, discover, and explore all the hidden treasures around the globe. The first thing to do when planning a trip or looking for a new outdoor adventure is to go on the internet.

So, think about it, you go to Google and type, for example, “Best places to visit in Mexico” and Google shows you results in your own language. So, if your website is not translated into your customer’s language, they won’t see your products or services. It’s like you don’t exist to them.

Let’s see some facts:

In a survey carried out by Common Sense Advisory, 3002 consumers were interviewed about their website purchasing habits, the results show that:

72.1 % of the users spend most or all their time on sites in their native language.

52.4 % of consumers buy only on websites where information is presented in their own language.

Believe it or not, language is really important in driving a purchase decision. A website translation is key to broaden your reach and increase your online visibility. 

Aren’t you translating yet?

#2 – Gain Customers Trust 

Having useful information available in your client’s language helps to build trust and credibility in your brand! 

One more time, translation hitting on the target!

Translating your website and content is like saying to your clients that you care! As a result, you´ll be creating a first good impression on someone searching on your website. And it’s highly possible they will come back. 

Hence, potential clients will notice that you are interested in connecting with them, and you are offering value to them. Having available information about your tours, clear and detailed descriptions about your products will help boost their confidence in your brand. And it will convert into sales for you! How great this is!

#3 – Be User-friendly

Once you are out there and you are letting the world know what you have to offer, and you are allowing customers to find you in their own language you need to keep them interested in your products or services by speaking to them in a natural and captivating way. Translation allows that, but to achieve it fully, in this case, more than just translation is needed. What you need is to Localize your adventure business website.

Localization, in simple words, is adapting a product or service to fit a new language, culture, or a determined audience. I like to say, bringing the communication closer to the culture and audience you want to reach. 

Grow your adventure business
Bring your services or products to the Spanish market.

You sure want…

  • your website to be accessible and catchy for people in a different culture.
  • your brand to have its voice and values recreated in the new market you are entering.
  • your message to make sense for the targeted local audience.

A translator has the right tools and knowledge of the language and cultural aspects to help you break through a new market and getting it right from the beginning.

#4 – Improve the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your adventure business website

Just in case you are not familiar with SEO, it´s the process of optimizing your website and content to make it appear in search engines like Google, to improve your organic traffic without the need of resorting to paid advertisement.  

SEO translation will help your website and content rank higher in search engines! 

Can you imagine your site being around the first hits when you search on Google?

This is a task that takes a lot of effort and detail. Firstly, translating keyphrases and metadata allows your targeted clients to find your site easily. 

Secondly, by doing the right research on words, phrases, or expressions used in your industry and in the new market you are trying to reach, translators can impact SEO and make your site more visible among all other companies offering the same as you. 

So, if you are thinking about expanding your action sports brand or adventure business to the Spanish market, remember to bear in mind this valuable tactic.

#5 – Strengthen your brand

Nowadays, all tourism, outdoors or action sports information is centred on the internet. Having your website and content in another language helps you have a stronger online presence, increases your reputation, and can help you create loyalty among your customers.

What´s more, having an international brand presence will also require your brand to adapt to the new culture in all possible ways. You should not forget you are speaking to a new audience in a different language, and language and culture are extremely attached. 

You might need to change your message, the kind of information you provide, your colours, include the right currencies or unit measures. These tiny aspects, on the one hand, will improve the user’s experience, making it simple for them to find what they are looking for and on the other hand, it really drives sales! 

On that basis, to attract more customers from a new market, to keep them interested in your services or products, the more information you can provide them, the better. It’s important to create the right content for this new culture you are aiming to reach and to translate all marketing material, brochures, catalogues, guides, etc. 

#6 – Stand out over your competitors

Have you been thinking of a way to outdo the other players in your industry? 

Now you know how!

In addition, having your website translated and captivating clients from a new market before your competitors do is a powerful advantage! Even more, considering that the adventure tourism market is filled with companies and brands offering the same as you. 

Similarly, if the local market is going through a difficult time or simply, if you want to keep growing your business, targeting foreign markets is a great way to take the lead over your competitors.

Some people believe that having their websites in English is enough, but English is not the preferred language on the internet. Only 25.9 % of all internet users are English-speakers. Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, and Portuguese are on-demand and… 

think about it, with large populations speaking those languages, the chances of growth are limitless!

Remember, if you speak to your customers in their own language, they will engage with your site and you will create an instant connection to them. 

#7 – Increase conversion rate

Are you still doubting the benefits that translating your website will bring to your adventure business? 

Well, I am sure this last reason won’t slip through your fingers! 

Above all, by translating your website, you can enhance your conversion rate. Users will more likely spend more time on sites that are easy to navigate and where information is accessible to them in their own language, and in the end, they will buy from those sites. 

Now, think about yourself,

If you are looking forward to climbing a volcano in Guatemala…

Would you book an experience if you do not have detailed information about what’s included, where are you going to sleep, or how long it’s going to take to get there?

Or would you buy a product if you are not certain about its functionalities or its guarantees?

I don’t think so…


Hey, if the 7 reasons were not enough for you, here is an extra one that I am sure will move you to start translating.

Last but not least, another considerable advantage of translation is that it is an affordable strategy for small, medium, or large businesses that want to grow internationally. The internet has given us the possibility to expand across borders, and translators should be the guides on that linguistic and cultural journey.

Conclusion – Translation for adventure businesses

In essence, translation is a powerful and efficient way to start connecting with potential customers in the Spanish market and make your adventure business grow!

Among all other marketing strategies you usually resort to, if you want to be part of the global economy you should not leave aside the importance of effective communication and language. 

As technology continues to develop and give companies and brands the chance to expand worldwide, quality translation should be considered to introduce services or products in a new market.

Likewise, including information in your clients´ language, it’s a smart move to stand out from your competitors and to increase your brand’s reputation. A website is a great asset for a company and you can use it to cause a great first impression and start selling more.

In fact, you see, translation and adventure can go hand in hand and open up a world of opportunities for business!

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