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Action sports and adventure travel blogging

Action sports and adventure travel blogging is a must in the digital marketing strategy of any brand that wants to grow online!

You know, images and videos are really important in the outdoors and action sports industries because they can cause great impact and customers are always happy to share and interact with cool and rad content… However, this strategy alone is not enough.

It’s through words and written content that you can reach out to people on the other side of the screen, resorting to emotions and feelings, letting them know you and providing them with useful information. Thus, creating a bond between the reader and your brand.

Action sports and adventure travel blogging
I write content that inspire and persuade.

Take this into account, many people read or skim blog articles while they are at work, and in this case, they would not be able to listen to your latest adventure video, for example.

Did you know that 42.23% of people in the US from the ages of 18 to 49 read blogs?

Now, picture this…

You want to buy some cool and innovative hiking gear you found on the internet. 

Even though pictures look fascinating, I am sure you would like to read all the descriptions about the product and find out more about the brand’s reputation before making a purchase decision. 

Having a blog is a door to let your customers know more about your brand, help them make the best choice for them and… A LOT MORE! 

Keep on reading to discover:

5 reasons why blogging is key in the action sports and adventure travel industries

In essence, blogging is a digital marketing tool that helps action sports and adventure travel businesses build brand awareness and improve the traffic to their site while sharing useful content for their target readers.

action sports blogging

Let’s take a look at the main 5 benefits of having a blog for your action sports or adventure travel brand.

1. Rank your adventure website higher on Google

I would say, this is the main reason to start your adventure business blog!

Search engines like Google, love new and interesting content. So, having a blog gives your action sports or adventure travel business the chance to post content regularly that answers to your clients’ needs and that would help to position your brand better on Google results.

Argentina On the Go is another site that has a blog and they keep it updated, posting sometimes even more than twice a month! This is how you do it!

2. Boost traffic to your website and social media

Through your blog, you can reinforce your brand´s message and values. 

Therefore, write consistently and write in a way that conveys excitement and emotion. Share your brand’s story, your destination´s highlights or how your products or services can change or have an impact on your customer’s life.

 If you can make your readers feel identified with what you are offering, they will return to your website or blog, they will engage with your content, share and comment.

Another interesting site that uses a blog to connect and share information with their audience is Rise Up. What I like to see in this blog is that the customers are interacting and commenting, which showcases the positive impact of blogging.

3. Learn more about your industry

As I was saying, by creating a blog, you are opening a new door to communicate with your customers. 

When using this tool correctly, we can listen (actually, read) to our client’s concerns, learn new things you didn’t know and tackle those issues, satisfy those needs.

What´s more, it gives you an important competitive advantage among other companies that are not listening to their clients. I am sure your customers will appreciate it if you help them solve their problems and find the best solutions for them.

4. Blogs can make money

H*** yeah! This is the point that I wanted to reach! Content writing is a digital marketing strategy that we cannot overlook. 

If the content you create calls your reader’s attention and they interact with it, you are getting really close to the selling point. 

Every time you get comments or shares, more people see your website, blog or social media. If you keep up with this strategy, many of those visitors will convert into bookings or sales! 

First Light Travel from New Zealand links their stories and blog posts to the recommended tours they offer. Such a great way to take advantage of your blog!

But hold on there, that´s not it…

5. Build trust and authority 

On the internet, where many clients reach your website but they don’t know much more about your brand. It’s your blog that plays a key role to make them trust you.

If you have done things right from the start, your blog will speak on your behalf.

You should always share valuable and relevant information from your industry (having your target reader in mind), and all this will show your expertise, your commitment and generate awareness, authority and trust in your company.

Take a look at Seabookings blog and look how they use it to give recommendations, keep their customers updated on the latest news in the area and how the information they share is helping them positioning their site in all related to sea and water sports activities.

All that you have just read is possible. But, let me tell you, it takes time, persistence and an outlined strategy to follow.

With all that said… I am wondering, does your adventure business already have a blog?

If your answer is yes… Well, thumbs up for you! You are 50% there. Keep the focus on your content and make it grow. I would love to check out your blog, so please, share it with me in the comments!

If your answer is no… I would say, you better get started, buddy! Blogging will bring a wave of benefits to your business!

travel blogging
Outline your content strategy in advance.


Here, you have discovered the importance of action sports and adventure travel blogging.

You know better than me that the outdoors, action sports and the adventure travel industries are filled with competitors, so starting a blog with a clear purpose can be a great asset to use as a distinctive symbol of your brand and a door to connect with thousands of potential clients.

Bear in mind, that having a successful blog requires purpose, passion, dedication, planning and a lot of time. Writing your posts can be the most time-consuming task in your marketing strategy.

So, make sure you are committed to writing regularly or that you find someone responsible and with industry-related expertise that will take care of your blog before betting all in… 

Now, if you wish to get started in this blogging world, don´t miss my next post where I will share some tips and ideas to have in mind before starting your action sports and adventure travel blog! Remember, planning in advance is key to having a successful blog.

If you are interested to know more about who is behind this article and what moves me to work with adventure businesses, check out Why The Waves Connect?

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