About Me

Hello, I am Antonella!

I work hand in hand with outdoor brands and companies to make them expand to the Spanish-speaking world and boost their sales.

How do I do it?

My story

I am Antonella 😊, but everybody calls me Anto.

I am 28 years old, I am a Translator, Interpreter and Content Writer, I am an adventurer and traveller, passionate about action sports and outdoors life.

I have always felt there was more in life to achieve than a college degree and a good reputation. I want to fill my life with adventure and passion.
Seeking adventure and travelling has become my way of living for a couple of years, though, now and then, I return to my home country Argentina, to visit and to be around my loved ones.

After some time travelling I was feeling down, because I was working for companies that didn´t value my work. I want to leave a positive footprint in the world, and for that, I needed to find a purpose.
With the help of my mentor Mati Ortiz, the inspiration of other professionals in my field, the extraordinary support of family and friends and a lot of work, I founded The Waves Connect.

An online business where I merged my two passions: translation and the outdoors, which aims at connecting adventure businesses with a wider audience around the world. Why? Because I strongly believe that a life full of adventure and a life lived surrounded by nature increases consciousness and helps people live fuller lives.

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